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Choosing colours for your home from the thousands available can be a difficult decision. Nearly 15 years ago, long before most paint companies had begun to think about either the environment or the safety and comfort of their customers, Selectone had created Clean Air Paint.

Clean Air is the solution to painting where odours and fumes are more than just a "problem" - Hospitals, schools, baby's room - anywhere an exceptionally low-odour paint free of VOCs is desirable.

VOCs are volatile organic compounds, just a part of what you smell with traditional latex paints. Clean Air is also free of solvents, coalescents and other chemical that can aggravaterespiratory conditions.

And Clean Air is just as durable as every traditional Selectone latex paint. Whether flat, eggshell or semi-gloss, Clean Air is high hiding scrubbable with excellent semi-gloss adhesion, even an old alkyd finished surfaces.

Green when green was just a paint colour. Nothing but great paint.

Selectone Paints New Products Photo FLAT
A flat finish reduces the visibility of surface imperfections. It is less washable than eggshell or semi-gloss and designed for uses where no sheen is wanted... it's perfect for ceilings, living and dining rooms and uneven surfaces.

Is perfect for higher traffic areas where moderate washability is required. Eggshell creates a deeper, richer finish than flat but with a minimal sheen.

The higher gloss finish is very washable and perfect for areas that are most likely to encounter moisture, dirt or grease. Ideal for highest traffic areas like hallways or high-use rooms like bathrooms or kitchens.